With our easy-to-use moderation commands you can tempban, tempmute, tempkick, jail members and do many more fancy things to make moderating your server as easy as possible.


We have added a JavaScript-based scripting feature. You can upload and manage your scripts on the webinterface.


Play some minigames alone or with a friend. We've got classic minigames like Battleships, Minesweeper, Connect Four and even a self-made text-based RPG


A simple backup system to create, manage or clone backups to another guild. All these fancy backup features can be managed directly from your discord server or via the webinterface


Provides you with your daily dose of funny jokes with commands like chucknorris, belikebill and the magic 8ball to your discord. We've got Chuck Norris' approval and the magic 8ball says yes.

Music ♫

Play the latest tunes in your discord channels and get those happy vibes going. Put some tracks in your queue and see hear the magic happen.


Easily manage roles. Create autoroles or make a role accessible using the accessrole command. You can manage everything directly from your discord server or via the webinterface


You want to be notified when your favorite streamers go live on Twitch? With Graphite you can add them and it will automatically notify you so you don't ever miss another stream.


Record your beautiful voice and share it with the world. On the webinterface you can see even more information like who's talking.