Privacy Policy

What data do we collect?

- Public information about your discord server. This is your server ID, server name, server icon, channel names, channel IDs, member IDs and role IDs

- Public information about the discord server owner. This is their user ID, username and discriminator.

- Audio data which is collected during the process of recording a voice channel.

- Twitch data, which includes when a streamer is online, what game they play(ed), the stream title and thumbnail.

- Any errors that have occured while using commands and what event from your discord server triggered it.

- Messages you have sent

Some information listed above may only be stored when specific commands to configure the bot are used.

How do we use your information?

Your information is used within the bot for features which require said information.

How you can request the deletion of your guild/user data

The data will be deleted automatically when you remove the bot from your guild(s) or alternatively you can ask us (MrLetsplay#6865, Endergame15#9790) directly


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